100% American Owned and Operated

Advanced Post-Tension was founded in 2013 in Houston, TX with the goal of bringing top-quality service to the supply and fabrication of post-tension material and accessories. We specialize in the commercial market, providing material and expertise for both elevated slab and slab-on-grade construction.

At Advanced Post-Tension, we view every project as a portfolio project because even the smallest job is a point of pride for someone, be that the owner, the architect, the structural engineer, the general contractor, or the occupants. It is our mission to bring the highest level of care and pride to everything from foundations to fifty-story towers.

Post-Tension Foundations Laid
Years in the Industry
Fully Certified Engineers
Years Combined Experience

Our Process

In order to make sure your job goes smoothly, every Advanced Post-Tension project is run by a multi-year veteran of the construction industry. Our highly experienced team takes a proactive approach to project management to help ensure that every piece of material arrives on-site when you need it.

Our process makes it simple to:

  • Identify value-engineering opportunities while they are still relevant, allowing the project stakeholders to save money.
  • Identify constructability issues in advance, preventing last-minute RFIs and the labor associated with them.
  • Backstop detailing errors while they are still on paper, preventing costly field modifications or emergency shipments.
  • Understand where every component of the system is at any point, preventing situations where one critical piece fails to arrive on time.
  • Provide information to the design team and propose fixes rapidly in the case of accidental tendon damage on site.

We manage the job so that you don’t have to manage us.

Post-Tensioning Institute

The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) publishes a selection of manuals and bulletins to make sure the design, fabrication, and installation of post-tension material is uniform across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Advanced Post-Tension is a proud member of the PTI and fabricates all of our material in PTI Certified Plants.

Continuing Education

At Advanced Post-Tension, one of the key services we offer is technical assistance. We know the more engineers that are familiar with post-tension design the more post-tension projects there will be, so we’re always available to answer questions and discuss strategies, whatever stage a project is in.

Innovation and Development

In addition to supporting industry-wide post-tension research through the PTI, Advanced Post-Tension is committed to innovating our products and processes. We supply the entire system, not just the tendons. If there is an extra service we could offer to simplify installation or project management, we want to know!

An Advanced Strategy

At Advanced Post-Tension, we believe that quality cannot be produced ad-hoc. That is why we work so hard to stay on top of the latest innovations. It’s pushed us to develop a process that helps us strategize and ensures every phase of each project goes smoothly – all the way from inception to project completion.