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What is Post-Tensioning?

Post-tensioning is a method of reinforcing concrete with high strength steel tendons in relatively inexpensive concrete to produce efficient, lighter weight designs compared to traditionally reinforced structures.



How It Works

Post-tensioning helps engineers offset the weaknesses of concrete in two ways. First, precompression allows the engineer to use the compressive strength of concrete to offset the natural stresses that build up in a concrete slab. This allows for reduced quantities of reinforcing steel and thinner slabs for a given span.

Second, balanced load allows the engineer to offset the weight of the slab and attached fixtures. This in turn allows for longer spans for a given thickness and reduced deflections for heavily-loaded slabs.

Post-Tensioning Benefits

Post-Tensioning has several notable benefits:

  • Material Savings. Post-tensioned slabs are thinner and less heavily reinforced than conventional slabs. This means each floor contains less material, the building is shorter and lighter, and each floor has more headroom.
  • Faster Construction. Because of the offset stresses, post-tensioned slabs are self-supporting at lower concrete strengths, and are generally ready for forms to be stripped and reshores to be installed within 24-72 hours of concrete placement.
  • Design Flexibility. Post-tensioned slabs allow for long spans with fewer supports or thinner spans for a given distance.
  • Superior Performance. Post-tensioning allows for engineers to design with an uncracked section. This means that the entire slab resists deflection, and cast-in-place and drilled-in anchors perform much better. In practice, it also helps prevent weather damage.



Why Choose Us?

Advanced Post-Tension is one of the premier suppliers of unbonded post-tension material in the United States. We supply single strand, unbonded post-tension tendons, stressing equipment, and installation drawings. Our material is assembled in the United States, and we can source domestic raw materials on demand.


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