Advanced Post-Tension is pleased to supply barrier cable systems as an accessory to our post-tensioned parking garages.

What is Barrier Cable?

Barrier cable systems are used in many parking garages, separating cars and pedestrians from steep drops and other car lanes. They are generally composed of 11 cables spaced from the ground to the top of a code-minimum guardrail. This spacing has been selected to prevent pedestrians from accidentally falling over or squeezing through the railing. Additionally, the high-strength cable and heavy-duty anchors are designed to withstand low-speed vehicle impacts.


Why Use Barrier Cable Systems?

Barrier Cable is specialized for parking garages in situations where barriers or railings are required but visibility is a major concern. Police experience has shown that accidents are far less likely where barrier cable offers improved visibility.

Many parking garages also require a specific percentage of their walls to be open for airflow to prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide. Barrier cable installations are 87% open space, allowing for more walls and architectural features to be placed elsewhere.

With these benefits, it’s no wonder so many architects prefer to use barrier cable systems as transparent and open dividers in parking garages.

Advanced Post-Tension Barrier Cable Systems

Several code provisions apply to the design of barrier cable systems, such as specifications of height, length, and impact resistance. Advanced Post-Tension is happy to discuss these requirements to ensure safe designs, and we provide engineered calculations for every barrier cable run to ensure that the system will perform to code when properly installed.

How It’s Made

Barrier cable uses the same seven-wire steel cable as is used for post-tensioning tendons, except it is hot-dip galvanized (or, more rarely, coated with plastic or epoxy) so that it can be installed in the open air.


One of the frequent issues that comes up in barrier cable design is the removal…

As we’ve discussed, barrier cable is used in parking garages to allow for improved visibility…


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