Advanced PT supplies installation drawings, stud rails, and accessories for projects across the US.

Punching Shear Reinforcement

One engineering challenge post-tensioned slabs present is a decreased resistance to punching shear. Punching shear is a failure mode where a column breaks through the slab like a punch through a piece of steel or leather, and is a function of slab thickness. There are many solutions that exist to prevent punching shear. At Advanced Post-Tension, we believe the most effective method is the use of stud rails.



What Are Stud Rails?

Stud rails are a steel reinforcement system that allows flat slabs to carry increased punching shear loads with a minimum of additional labor and expense. Specially designed studs are welded to steel straps that are then secured to the formwork around each column. Each column will have a specific stud rail layout designed by the structural engineer. Our placement drawings translate this into a color-coded layout making field placement a breeze.

Why Choose Advanced Post-Tension?

Advanced Post-Tension provides installation plans that have been thoroughly reviewed to ensure that every column location meets code minimums and the structural design. Once plans are finalized, we handle the logistics of getting stud rails and all other materials to your site on time. All of the facilities we use to fabricate rails are ICC-ES audited. We can provide domestically fabricated products as required by the project specifications. At Advanced Post-Tension, we make it easy to do the job right.

Studs & Rails Specifications

The forged studs are made from low carbon steel in accordance with ASTM-A108 and have the following properties:

  • Yield strength: 51,000 psi minimum
  • Tensile strength: 65,000 psi minimum
  • Elongation: 20% minimum in 2 inches
  • Area reduction: 50% minimum in 2 inches

Base rails are made from steel conforming to ASTM A1044 Table 2 and have the following mechanical properties:

  • Yield strength: 44,000 psi minimum
  • Tensile strength: 65,000 psi minimum
  • Elongation: 20% minimum in 8 inches
  • Area reduction: 50% minimum in 8 inches


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